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Our immigration law firm focuses primarily on working with businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, academic institutions and artists/entertainers to obtain temporary work permits or permanent residence.  We also work with families who wish to sponsor a foreign national for a green card.

Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

Several visa pathways allow foreign entrepreneurs who have already started or are about to start a new business to direct their new enterprise temporarily or permanently in the U.S. Lipson & Pretorius LLP can help you with the following:

Investors & EB-5 Visas

The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors provides a pathway for obtaining a green card for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. We help guide investors in selecting between the 2 main investment options and implementing the most promising strategy:

Arts & Entertainment

The O  and P visas may be an appropriate  immigration strategy for persons with extraordinary ability in arts, business, film, television or athletics:

Professors & Researchers

Outstanding researchers and professors may be eligible for permanent residence based on proof of International Acclaim in their academic field or Extraordinary Ability in the arts, sciences, business or education , or by way of a National Interest Waiver petition. (Extraordinary Ability and NIW do not require employer sponsorship):

Family-based Immigration

Close U.S. citizen and permanent resident family relatives in the U.S. can sponsor foreign nationals for the green card. Close relationships include spouse, mother, father and siblings. A U.S. citizen can sponsor a fiancé from overseas to enter the U.S. so that the couple can marry in the U.S. and subsequently file for a green card:

J-1 Exchange Visitors & Waivers

Many J-1 scholars find themselves with a two-year home residence requirement which they must satisfy before switching to certain working visas or permanent residence. There is however, the possibility to waive this requirement by applying to the Department of State for a J-1 waiver based on one of the approved grounds.

They have an exceptional experience in this field, and they always figure out a way through the intricacies of immigration policy and bureaucracy.
—Dr. A.D, Professor and Software Engineer at Fortune 500 Company


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